Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Version of Kimbap

For those who are not familiar with Korean food, Kimbap is another version of the very very popular Japanese sushi. In Malaysia, all things Korean are at their hype of popularity now. K-Pop and very slow dramatic series grace our TV stations while slowing pulling in normal people into a state of trance. Some of my close family members, whom I shall not name, dedicate hours watching Korean DVDs even though they know at the very beginning how it will end. Ahem...YX's mama. The weird thing is, whenever Eric and I go back for the weekend we are also swept into that world. What is it that makes Korea so appealing?

I saw this half way with my sister but had to leave abruptly. She would not lend me her DVD , so she gave me the summary of the story in 2 minutes. Interesting...

Eric is all about their speed and efficiency. My brother and his girlfriend are all about the cute girl bands. My sister: XY's mama (no explanation needed). My papa watches whatever mama watches :).  My mama and I, well, it's all about the food. Mama has even perfected her skill in making the perfect Kimchi. (She makes batches for me to take home, yum!) Not bad right for an Iban woman born in the long house? 

One TV program I really enjoyed watching was Kimchi Chronicles which was recently aired on Astro. What makes that show interesting was the host's journey of discovering Korea through food and culture. Her season finale was especially nice as it was a reflection of her identify and what it means to be of mix heritage in the world today. 

In celebration of my mix heritage...I made Kimbap. Not an obvious link but it represents the people in my life and how we all taste SO GOOD. 

A really healthy meal (the secret to be a slim Korean girl!)

Did I also tell you it was my first time making Kimbap?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Charmed Life

It took me a really long time to decide on a name for this blog. Mainly because I was confused on the direction. I wanted to write about the books I loved reading, food Eric and I indulge in, people I meet on the streets, random thoughts but most importantly, I wanted something that can sum up what I truly care Iban heritage.

Growing up, we were truly aware of our mix heritage. Red packets for Chinese New Year, savory Chinese dishes, loud Hokkein speaking grandparents. Normal right, for a Chinese family living in Penang Island...well not really. You see, ever so often we will take these week long holidays to Sarawak. Not just Kuching town but deep into the interior. Where the night sky is so black that the stars appear brighter. Where it is normal to swim in the river wearing a sarong and not be shy about it. And where we feel so Iban that it's comfortable.

I cannot promise that I will only write about all things Iban because I am still half Chinese married to an Indian. Living in the city. But I can promise that this will be a charming journey.

Sunset at Entanggor